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Trend Support Resistance Alert

Smart Trend Line Alert, a professional Trend Line, Support Line and Resistance Line Alert



  • Auto and Click mode for converting any new drawn line into an alert line (Trend line or Horizontal line); 
  • Separating different time frame's lines by hiding drawn lines from lower time frames in higher time frames to avoid being confused by many lines on the chart from different time frames;
  • Auto switch time frame when a line was hit in the lower time frame;
  • Auto flatten horizontal lines if user uses trend line to draw support or resistance line; 
  • Auto support to resistance reversal and vice versa; 
  • Auto line's color, description, style and width set; 
  • Blinking line when a line was hit by price (till user clicks on the chart to turn it off);
  • Auto chart bring to top when a line was hit; 
  • Continually sound alert with night and day mode sound types (till user clicks on the chart to turn it off);
  • Single sound alert with message box pop up;
  • Mobile notification;
  • Email notification;
  • On chart controlling console.

How to use:

  1. Attach the indicator to the chart;
  2. Controlling console will appear on the chart;
  3. Use MetaTrader Trend line or Horizontal line tool to draw a line at your desired price;
  4. If AUTO mode is On, the new line will be converted into an alert line automatically, If Click mode is On, the new line will be converted into an alert line by clicking on the line. 

What happens when price hits a Support or Resistance line:

  1. Indicator will bring the chart to the top of the other charts;
  2. Indicator will switch the time frame to the time frame the drawn line belongs to;
  3. The line starts blinking;
  4. Indicator starts continually sound alert;
  5. Indicator sends mobile and email notifications once;
  6. Line will keep blinking and alerting till user clicks on the chart.

Product video link at: http://youtu.be/R0Sy7gzFCg8 

From Developer:

  • Indicator is designed fully customizable to meet all your requirements, you can turn Off or On any options of your choice;
  • Unfortunately, the indicator can't be tested in the Strategy Tester as it's using MetaTrader tool bars and time frame switching.
  • Please refer to the screenshots for more details;
  • We would like to get feedback from all users to improve our products in futures versions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Evgeniy Ozhiganov
2015.02.22 04:47 

Отличное дополнение для любой торговой системы использующей уровни и не только, избавляет Вас от постоянного нахождения перед монитором!!!