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StopByATR let's the user easily set order stops by ATR (Average True Range) indicator. Trade any chart and use StopByATR on current one or choose another timeframe higher or lower to get calculations. Easy to use and no complicated settings!

How to set manual stops? - Follow either blue (where you put stop for your buy order) or red line(where you put stop for your sell order) and place stops according to it.

Place orders with this indicator? - YES ofcourse ! When trend shifts either from red to blue or blue to red it's time to place a new order.


  • Show HUD- Bring up HUD or not(true default)
  • ART TF - ATR indicator timeframe (Default current)
  • dBars - Bar depht (default 10)
  • Period ATR - ATR indicator Period (default 5)
  • ATR Multiplie - Multiplier of ATR values(default 2.5)


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