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Procyon is a fully automated professional Expert Advisor for scalping trading and designed for the major volatile pairs.
It use a custom algorithm for recognizing the Price Action and sends a pending order during large market movements and takes advantage of the retracement to make a significant profit, while ensuring some moderate losses through a tight hard stop loss.


  • Few parameters for more efficiency (with .set files for each pair)
  • Hard Stop loss and Spread filter for every trade
  • Optimized lot size managed by account Balance and Risk
  • No Grid, No Hedge, No Martingale, and No Averaging of losing positions
  • Effective even on low leverage accounts (1:30 or higher)
  • Low Drawdown to start with a small capital ($200 min or higher)


  • Allow Trading : Stop all activities of Expert if false (do not use this option if orders with same Magic Number are opened)
  • Allow SELL orders : Enable/disable Sell orders (do not use this option if Sell orders with same Magic Number are opened)
  • Allow BUY orders : Enable/disable Buy orders (do not use this option if Buy orders with same Magic Number are opened)
  • Stop Loss : Hard Stop loss distance in points
  • TrailingStart : Distance in points of trailing beginning
  • TrailingSize : Size in points of trailing
  • Magic Number : Number to distinguish orders from others EA
  • ValueForceATR : Value to determine the signal force volatility. The higher the value, the fewer the trades. It is a variable of important adjustment according to the traded pair
  • Max Spread : Maximum spread allowed to open a trade
  • Max Slippage : It will be your max slippage to open a trade
Money management
  • Fixed lot : Size of lot if AutoLot if Automatic LotSize is disable
  • Automatic LotSize : Enable/disable automatic lot calculation based on account free margin, stoploss size and risk percentage
  • Risk on eatch order : Percentage of account balance for Automatic LotSize calculation (0.03 for 3% for exemple)
  • Max Lot Size : Max Lot size to use if Automatic LotSize is enable

General Recommendations

This Expert Advisor requires ECN account with low spread and good execution.
A VPS is required, located in the same location of your broker's server.
Be careful, this expert is sensitive to latency and slippage to provide optimized performance, i recommend great caution in starting to test it on a demo account for at least few months before using it on a real account.

Minimal recommended deposit - $200
Timeframe : M1
Best result when used on high volatility 5 decimal pairs like GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCAD ...

Good luck !
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