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Automatic Fibonacci

Automatic Fibonacci is an indicator for automatic Fibonacci Levels drawing. It is fully customizable by user. User can also select different Fibobonacci Levels by user settings or can use multiple Automatic Fibonacci indicator in one chart.


  1. Move Indicator to the chart (simply drag and drop)
  2. When pop up window appears select desired settings.
  3. Confirm settings and enjoy the Automatic Fibonacci indicator.


  • Any chart
  • Any time-frame
  • Custom Fibonacci levels
  • Custom colors
  • Info-panel


General Settings

  • UniqueName - Some unique name (Important if using more Automatic Fibonacci in one chart)
  • FiboStrength - Probably the most important parameter - Determines the strength of Fibonacci levels
  • FuturePaint - Distance from current time candle to print the Fibonacci labels
  • ShowInfoPanel - Show/Hide Info panel

Fibonacci Levels Settings

  • FiboBaseLevel0Color - Color for the First Fibonacci base level
  • FiboBaseLevel1Color - Color for the Second Fibonacci base level
  • FiboLevel2Value - 1st Custom Fibonacci level value
  • FiboLevel2Color - 1st Custom Fibonacci level color
  • FiboLevel3Value - 2nd Custom Fibonacci level value
  • FiboLevel3Color - 2nd Custom Fibonacci level color
  • FiboLevel4Value - 3rd Custom Fibonacci level value
  • FiboLevel4Color - 3rd Custom Fibonacci level color
  • FiboLevel5Value - 4th Custom Fibonacci level value
  • FiboLevel5Color - 4th Custom Fibonacci level color

Panel Settings

  • PanelBackgroundColor - Panel background color
  • PanelHeaderColor - Panel header color
  • DefaultFontColor - Default font color
  • HeaderFontColor - Header font color

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Version 1.5 2020.01.12
- Fixed empty label name during panel creation
Version 1.4 2020.01.12
- Code efficiency improvements