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Used in EURUSD M15. 15 minute chart for the market [EUR/USD]

Fully analyze the top and bottom, then the top and bottom orders, and set the stop loss immediately. After the order is placed, if the market moves backwards, the EA will add the order again. The number of times and the distance can be set in the parameter. The additional order displayed in the parameter is 5 times, the actual maximum is added 4 times, and the added order will be set immediately. Stop loss, the set stop loss is the same as the stop loss of the first order. Orders will automatically protect profits when they are profitable.

Because this EA uses the traditional trading method, with stop loss, and the stop loss is small, so the test fund map is not good.

  • Note: Please set the parameter [Interval_or_continuous] to false when using. Set to false, protect profits will follow the market in real time.
  • [Initial_lot] is the number of lots that are initially placed. If [Auto_Lots] is set to true, this parameter is invalid.
  • [Auto_Lots] automatically adjusts Lots based on the net value, and the average is 0.01 for every $1,000. Inferred by this.
  • [Maximum_multiple] is the maximum number of times to be added, and the actual number is [Maximum_multiple]-1 times.
  • [Stop_points] is the number of stop loss points for the first order, and the subsequent plus orders are also the price points of the first order.
  • [Adding_positions] is the distance from the previous order to the next one after the previous single loss.
  • [Insurance_points] is profitable, protects profits, and begins to protect profits from the current price [Insurance_points].
  • [Interval_or_continuous] is set to true to be 2 times the distance of [Insurance_points], and it starts to protect the profit to the current price [Insurance_points] point; set to false, it is to adjust the stop loss in real time with the current price to protect the profit in real time. (Recommended to be set to false).
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