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Big Wolf Trend

BIG WOLF TREND is a ready-made solution for trading on the market trend movements.

Inside BIG WOLF TREND 4 author indicators are combined at once, which:

•  analyze trend movements and market volatility;
•  determine the future price movement potential;
•  give alerts (including push notifications and e-mail) for opening deals;
•  show the optimal levels for placing Stop Loss and Take Profit orders

BIG WOLF TREND is good documented. You can DOWNLOAD the MANUAL and read it before buying.

Thus, BIG WOLF TREND is a semi-automated trading system that performs almost all analytical and technical tasks.

All that is needed from a trader is to follow the indicator signals and open trades in time.

Security – the indicator shows where to place the Stop Loss, which will protect you from large losses in each deal.
Clear goals – the indicator shows where to place Take Profit, and you don’t need to follow open trading positions to close them manually.
Diversity – the indicator can work on any currency pair, stock index, commodity asset or cryptocurrency price charts.
Any time frames – the indicator works on any timeframe from M5 to D1. Using BIG WOLF TREND, you can trade intraday (by scalping on charts with M5-H1 timeframes) or make long-term deals (by trading on H4 or D1 timeframes).
Clear statistics – the indicator shows its effectiveness on different assets and timeframes in advance.
Huge potential – the indicator can be an effective analysis tool for you for many years.
Flexibility of settings – changing the manual settings of the indicator yourself, you can adjust its profitability at different stages of the market.

Also, I have prepared for you several set-files for setting the BIG WOLF TREND on the most popular trading assets.




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