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This ZiYouShua Dan Wang EA can only be used in EURGBP's 30-minute cycle。EURGBP M30

The following is the introduction of the parameters:

[Daily_Profit_Value_Switch] If set to: true, that is, [Profit_as_of_today] will no longer be billed when it reaches.

[Profit_as_of_today] Is the profit greater than 100 on that day, and if it is greater than 100, it will not open on that day?

Single_switch_on_Friday If set to: false; that is, no warehouse on Fridays, because Fridays are generally relatively important news announcement period, the impact on the market is large, so the market fluctuations will be relatively large, it is best to avoid as far as possible!

[Initial_Lots] is the number of hands placed in the first order; the latter is multiplied by multiple according to this order.

[Maximum_odd_number_of_holdings] is the number of units that are allowed to be unlocked.

[Add_single_switch] warehousing switch, if set to: true; that is, open state;

[Odd_multiple] is the multiple of the single quantity of each warehousing order.

[Stop_Loss_and_Profit_Switch] If set to: true, it is the open state;

Then each single is set up [Stop_loss_point] and [Profit_points], and all the holding lists will be closed if they reach [Total_Profit_Closing_Points].
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