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Trade Signals from Email

Are you subscribed to receive Forex signals by E-mails? This is your wizard to automatically investigate in your received emails to catch signal from received email. You just need to install a free email client software to download your emails and this EA. This EA read received emails, explore the signal from email body, take position based on received signal, manage position size by money management algorithm, and maintain profit by using trailing stop.


  • Directory: is location of received email as text files
  • Email from: is From address of signals' email
  • Email subject: the keyword to find the signal emails by subject
  • Risk percentage: Money management and position taking size
  • suffix: to trade symbols that have suffix
  • Trailing after %: after percentage of distance between opening price and TP, trailing will begin
  • Trailing SL distance: keep a distance of SL from current market price at points
  • Break Even Point
  • Max Lot: to control maximum size of position
  • Min Lot: to control minimum size of position
  • Entry Conservative Offset: Entry Conservative Offset from pending orders by signals to prevent freeze level or take instance position instead of pending
  • IntervalCheckEmail: time interval to check new emails
  • begin time: begin time to trade
  • end time: end time to trade
  • time offset: time offset between receiving signal times and broker time
  • close on expiration: close pending orders when expires
  • Order Identification number: the number to identify EA's orders from other orders
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Rafael Farias
Rafael Farias 2020.05.29 14:44   

I need help to setup it. I contact the seller but no answer until now

Version 1.20 2020.02.28
-Customizable signal format added to inputs