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Robonacci Universal

Robonacci Universal is designed to trade any markets (Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Futures, Cryptos) and any time frames. The strategies are developed based on various Price Actions that will be observed on different Fibonacci levels. It can be use as to place only one trade at a time or multiple trades in both directions. With the available smart Trailing features and smart Money management it can be  customized according to users needs. It can be use as a multi currency or multi-market bot. This is good specially when it comes to saving activations and opening several trading accounts and VPS clients. 


  • Universality: Works on any market and any time frame
  • Multi-Currency: Can trade on any number of markets under the same account. It will trade simultaneously on all markets
  • Hedging/Scalping: Use it for scalping or Hedging 
  • Withdraw Management: Built in Withdrawal management features.  
  • Hidden Stop loss and Take profit: Close trades when certain amount of loss or profit reached based on money 
  • Smart trailing: Features ATR Trailing, Fibonacci Trailing, Spike Trailing


ACTIVE_MODE: Sets the activity mode of the EA. Minimum value is 1. The less the number is the more active the EA is and vice versa. 

MaximumTrades: Maximum number of trades to open for any market. Minimum value is 1. A value more than 1 will activate Hedging mode.

BarsToProcess: This value determines how the Fibonacci levels will plot. This is probably the most important parameters of all as it helps the EA to understand the market behavior. The less the value is the more trades the EA will generate, likewise more value will produce lesser amount of trades. Minimum value is 10.

Trading_Start_Time: Time of the day that you want the EA to be active. Minimum value should be 00:01

Trading_Finish_Time: Time of the day that you want the EA to be inactive. Maximum value should be 23:59

There should be at least 1 minute difference between the two time values.

Spread: Maximum spread to be allowed. Recommended 5-10. This value will be checked for opening, closing and modifying positions.

Slippage: Maximum Slippage to be allowed. Recommended 3-5. This value will be checked for opening, closing and modifying positions.

FixedLot: Set the value of fixed lot size if you only want to use fixed lot. UseAutoLot must be false in order to be effective.

UseAutoLot: Set to true if you want to use only Auto lot rather than Fixed lot. It is advisable to withdraw profit every week when auto lot is in use.

AutoLotRisks: Maximum risks in percentage when UseAutoLot is true. Recommended settings for a deposit of 10000 would be 0.02% when leverage is used upto 500 times.

LotDecreaseFactorIfLossOccurs: Reduce lot whenever loss happens. Minimum value is 0.

LotIncreaseFactorIfWinsOccurs: Increase lot whenever wins happens. Minimum value is 0.

FixedStopLoss: Fixed stop loss value in points. Will not be in effect if UseAutoStopLossTakeProfit is true.

FixedTakeProfit: Fixed take profit value in points. Will not be in effect if UseAutoStopLossTakeProfit is true.

UseAutoStopLossTakeProfit: Set to true to use auto stop loss and take profit value rather than fixed value.

StopLoss_Multiplier: Multiply stop loss value with the default stop loss value that the EA decides. Minimum value is 1. 

TakeProfit_Multiplier: Multiply take profit value with the default take profit value that the EA decides. Minimum value is 1. 

UseHiddenStopLossTakeProfit: Set to true to hide your original plan.

HiddenStopLossInMoney: The idea is to place order with large stop or no stop at all and exit with a predetermined loss in money.

HiddenTakeProfitInMoney:  The idea is same as above. 

WithdrawPoint: Put your desired profit level target when you want the EA to enter into a safe mode until the withdraw is made. 

LotSizeUntilWithdrawMade: Lot size to use when equity reached the WithdrawPoint. EA will use this lot size until the withdraw made.

CloseProfitTradesAtTradingFinishTime: If set to true EA will close profit trades based on the value provided in Trading_Finish_Time. This feature is good if you want to save swap fees.

ATRTrailing: Set to true to use ATR trailing stop.

SpikeTrailing: Set to true to trail spikes.

FibonacciTrailing: Set to true to use trailing stop based on Fibonacci levels.

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Version 3.0 2019.04.12
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Version 2.0 2019.04.09
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