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This indicator will help you add any custom indicators to a mini chart that is open on the main chart.

When you start this indicator, in the parameter table, you have to choose the name the of mini chart you want to add to the main chart, and you have to choose the symbol, period and coordinates of the minichart on the main chart with X-distance and Y-distance parameters. Then you type the indicator's name (that indicator must exist in the indicator folder already).

If you want, you can choose to add an MA line, too. If you want to add MA, set add_MA=true (otherwise, set it to false) and specify MA's parameter, such as ma_period, ma_method, ma_shift...

You can add as many indicators as you want. You just need to run it the required number of times, each time choosing one of the indicators you want to add.

Please see the screenshots.

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