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Basic Trade Panel Demo

The trading panel is designed to open orders of the Buy and Sell type and manage them.

It has the function of moving orders to breakeven, trailing-stop, as well as the function of displaying the main trading information for open positions, which can be enabled or disabled directly on the panel.

The color of the panel elements can be customized at the discretion of the user. Changes in these settings are applied when a panel is new or first added to the chart.

The sound accompaniment for opening and closing orders can also be configured: there are three built-in sound options, as well as the ability to install your own sound files. The files of the format "***.wav" need to be placed in the Sounds folder of the terminal.

This product is a demo version of the panel working on the CADCHF currency pair. Full version of the panel: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35513

(In the strategy tester, the operation of trading panels is not tested).

Basic settings:

  • Magic number - order identifier;
  • Breakeven - breakeven;
  • Breakeven start points - the distance in points at which breakeven is activated;
  • Breakeven profit points - the breakeven size in points;
  • Trailing-stop - trailing-stop;
  • Trailing-stop points - trailing-stop size in points;
  • Show orders - show closed orders on the chart;
  • Slippage - the amount of slippage in points;
  • Panel name - the text displayed in the panel name;
  • Show tooltip - shows tooltips when you hover the mouse over input fields.
To stop playing audio files, you can install a free additional Sound Stop script from the product list in the terminal and use it when you need to stop playing the file.
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Version 1.30 2019.02.17
Fixed re-drawing of previously closed orders.
Version 1.20 2019.02.16
For the least resource consumption when displaying the trading information panel, event processing has been changed from OnTimer () to OnTick ().
Version 1.12 2019.02.16
Added a general option to enable / disable order sound in the settings.
Version 1.11 2019.02.16
Added the ability to select the type of sound to open and close orders.
Version 1.1 2019.02.11
The name of the information window that appears when adding a panel not on the CADCHF currency pair chart has been changed.