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Reversive Assistant Demo

The Expert Advisor tracks the open order and when it is closed at a loss, it automatically opens the opposite order with the take profit limit set in the settings (Lot multiplier parameter). 

For the convenience of trading, all operations on opening orders are combined into a trading panel, which also has the functions of breakeven, trailing-stop and the possibility of changing the usual take profit and stop loss to virtual (not visible to the broker).

The sound accompaniment for opening and closing orders can also be configured: there are three built-in sound options, as well as the ability to install your own sound files. The files of the format "***.wav" need to be placed in the Sounds folder of the terminal.

If manual closing of the order is necessary, for the expert to work correctly, it is necessary to close it on the panel.

This product is a demo version of the EA working on the CADCHF currency pair. In this version, the EA opens only one order. EA's full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35360

(In the strategy tester, the operation of trading panels is not tested).

Basic settings:

  • Magic number - order identifier;
  • Open by time - opening orders at a specified time (server time of the terminal);
  • Time open Buy - time to open a Buy order;
  • Time open Sell - time to open a Sell order;
  • Show orders - show previous orders on the chart;
  • Slippage - the amount of slippage in points;
  • Breakeven profit points - the breakeven size in points;
  • Reverse - enable / disable opening of opposite orders;
  • By comment - reverse is active only for orders with a comment;
  • Order comment - comment text;
  • Lot multiplier - lot multiplier for opening an opposite order after closing the previous one at a loss;
  • Max DD - maximum drawdown, upon reaching which orders in the series will not open further;
  • Number of orders - the maximum number of orders in the series;
  • Add points - additional points for which the stop loss of the new order will be increased;
  • Start points - loss in points, above which the opposite order will be opened;
  • Panel name - the text displayed in the panel name;
  • Position - horizontal or vertical view of the panel;
  • Show tooltip - shows tooltips when you hover the mouse over input fields.

To stop playing audio files, you can install a free additional Sound Stop script from the product list in the terminal and use it when you need to stop playing the file.

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Version 1.6 2019.02.18
The sound of an error was removed when closing a market order and simultaneously having a pending order.
Changed the number of orders opened by the EA.
Version 1.5 2019.02.17
Added the ability to select the type of sound to open and close orders.
Version 1.4 2019.02.17
Fixed: re-drawing of previously closed orders on the chart.
Added: setting trailing-stop and breakeven functions only for the first order, or for all orders.
Version 1.2 2019.02.11
The name of the information window that appears when adding an EA not on the CADCHF currency pair chart has been changed.
Version 1.1 2019.02.11
Added an info window when adding to a non CADCHF chart.