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This indicator maps price crossover with Simple Moving Average (SMA) for each candle. Works like a SMA but has non-repaint characteristic.

How to Use:

  • As stated before, this indicator works like a SMA. Use this to determine trend. When price is above this line then the uptrend is expected (downtrend if price below the line).
  • 2 of these indicator (with different periods) can also generate buy/sell signal like 2 SMAs. When the lower period SMA crosses higher period SMA from below, then buy signal is generated (sell signal when lower period SMA crosses higher period SMA from above).

Input Descrption:

  • period: Period used for indicator. Must be higher than 1.
  • applied_price: Choose which price you want to use. There are Close, High, and Low prices available.
  • shift: Give an additional offset for this indicator. Must not be negative.
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