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Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner MT5

Introduction to Optimal Turning Point Pattern

In the history of financial trading, Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner is the first non repainting and non lagging indicator for Harmonic pattern, Elliott Wave pattern and new other turning point patterns. Historical patterns match with signal patterns. Hence, you can readily develop profitable strategy in your chart. More importantly, this superb pattern scanner detects the optimal pattern of its kind.

By comparing performance of variations of each pattern, we can identify the most optimal pattern for our trading. For example, Gartley pattern can have several different versions in its structure. Who knows with which version of Gartley pattern we should trade? Only way to find out is to compare each version of Gartley pattern apple to apple. After that, we can select the most profitable pattern among the different versions. Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner is designed to detect the optimal turning point patterns to maximize your profit.

Optimal turning point patterns are the pattern optimally predicting the market turning point and their performance must be comparable apple to apple under one Quantitative Pattern Framework (i.e. X3 Pattern Framework). Optimal turning point patterns include optimal Harmonic Patterns, optimal Elliott Wave Patterns, and other patterns performing equally or better than harmonic and Elliott Wave patterns. Below is the list of optimal turning point patterns detectable.


Optimal Harmonic Patterns

  • Optimal AB=CD
  • Optimal Butterfly Pattern
  • Optimal Gartley Pattern
  • Optimal Bat Pattern
  • Optimal Alternate Bat Pattern
  • Optimal Shark Pattern
  • Optimal Crab Pattern
  • Optimal Deep Crab Pattern
  • Optimal Cypher Pattern
  • Optimal 5-0 Pattern
  • Optimal 3 Drives Pattern


Optimal Elliott Wave Patterns

  • Elliott Wave .1234 Pattern
  • Elliott Wave .12345 Pattern
  • Elliott Wave .12345AB Pattern
  • Elliot Wave .12345ABC Pattern

New Optimal Turning Point Patterns

  • Star River Pattern
  • Trident Pattern
  • Horse Pattern

Product Features

  • Non repainting and non lagging Harmonic pattern, Elliott Wave pattern and turning pattern indicator 
  • Pattern Completion Interval
  • Potential Reversal Zone
  • Potential Continuation Zone
  • Pattern Locking and Unlocking Feature
  • Interactive Stop Loss and Take Profit according to your Reward/Risk ratio
  • Historical Patterns
  • Signal Alert
  • Multiple Timeframe Pattern Scanning

Entry and Exit for Trading

This indicator provides three essential components to trade with turning point pattern:

  • pattern completion interval
  • potential reversal zone
  • potential continuation zone.

Provided stop loss and take profit levels are movable and automatically adjustable. Potential reversal zone can be used to identify the location of turning point. Potential continuation zone can be used to predict future price move after turning point detection. It is tactical place where you can set breakeven, or trail stop your profit or to open new entry according to the market condition.


Secondary confirmation

Even we provide most optimal turning point patterns with our pattern scanner. Any experienced trader will recommend using secondary confirmation together for better profits. Depending on your skill, you can combine various secondary confirmation technique with Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner.

  • Other technical indicators (i.e. RSI, CCI, MACD, etc)
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Financial and Political News
  • Elliott Wave Analysis

You can also use following products with Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner:

Important Note for Trading

  • Optimal Turning Point Pattern Scanner provides many good patterns for your trading. However, use the patterns you like most for your trading. Each pattern in the scanner can be switched on and off.
  • Computation of history patterns can be heavy. To improve indicator speed, you can set BarsToScan = low number like 50 or 30 if necessary. This will reduce computation for history patterns but this will not affect your live trading.
  • This indicator is testable in strategy tester up to 80% of its features. Please test it before purchasing.


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Version 8.27 2019.04.06
In Version 8.27, we have only made minor update. In terms of usage, it is exactly same as version 8.26.
Version 8.26 2019.02.22
In version 8.26, the speed of scanner is twice faster than previous version 8.23. Please use version 8.26 for the maximum performance. :)
Version 8.23 2019.02.21
In Version 8.23, we have made some minor improvement. Use the latest version for the maximum performance.
Version 8.21 2019.02.20
In version 8.21, we made a minor improvements in multiple timeframe pattern scanning features.
Version 8.17 2019.02.18
In version 8.17, minor polish up in code.
Version 8.13 2019.02.18
In version 8.13, we have made some minor updates in graphics.
Version 8.11 2019.02.18
In Version 8.11, we have synchronized history patterns and signal patterns.
Version 7.91 2019.02.15
In version 7.91, we have added option to switch on and off history patterns. While you are testing the indicator in strategy tester, set "Show History Patterns" = false to process testing faster. In fact, history pattern is not important at all. They are there for reference and education purpose only. Please use signal pattern for your actual trading.
Version 7.87 2019.02.12
In version 7.87, we have modified arrow type to rather simple design for trader.
Version 7.82 2019.02.11
In version 7.82, Update frequency input for multiple timeframe pattern detection was added.