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Infinity ProfitZone

INFINITY ProfitZone calculated from the volatility range of bulls and bears. It shows the change in the local trend and entry points, displays the support line and ProfitZone and LimitZone (resistance) trend, shows the time limits for the end of these zones, which are very likely to be reached.

#1 ProfitZone- is the average price of trend (calculated by parameter "Averaging period for calculating parameters")

#2 LimitZone- is the average level of price deviation from the trend (calculated by parameter "Averaging period for calculating parameters"). Used to place limit orders.

The longer "Averaging period for calculating parameters" period (bars), the more stable these levels are. I recommend to use 1000-3000 bars.

#3 Support Line- most often, the price is not far beyond this support. But there are exceptions.

#4 - is 1/2 of ProfitZone. Using for close the 1st TP level. 

#5 - Closing the 2nd order at the expiration of the time or at the ProfitZone border (calculated by the parameter “Averaging period for calculating the parameters”)

Description of the indicator settings in the blog: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/724949

As well as in the INFINITY TrendLine PRO indicator, the filter of the higher HTF timeframe is used, which allows you to filter deals.

When you purchase two or more INFINITY products you can get a gift:  INFINITY Statistics (full version)  and access to a secret VIP chat in Telegram. To do this, send on a PM or my email profitcamp@mail.ru your payment ID number for two products from the INFINITY series.

Memon 2019.04.01 17:27 

Looks very promising so far

shinjeong77 2019.03.15 11:09 

thank you for the good indicator~

selivan 2019.02.19 07:42 

Thank you very much

Interesting indicator!!!

sunnychow 2019.02.18 17:15 

Thanks for share, great work.

Version 2.1 2019.05.22
Updated for the new HTF_Histogram
Version 2.0 2019.02.26
New version