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Virtual Grid MT5

Utility for semi-automated trading. It uses invisible for broker dynamic setting levels for stop orders, stop loss, take profit and trailing stop. Suitable for working with any brokers, including American brokers with the requirement of FIFO.

MT4 version of the adviser link

Transactions can be opened using buttons or lines. In order for the adviser to open a position along the line: draw a line on the chart and rename it. When crossing its price, the adviser will execute the appropriate command.

  • OPEN_SELL - open a sell order
  • CLOSE_SELL - close all sell orders
  • OPEN_ BUY - open buy order
  • CLOSE_BUY - close all buy orders

After the command is executed, the "OK" comment is written, the line processes the command only once.

The chart displays information about the profit, current open positions (number of orders, number of lots and profit), buttons for opening orders, speed of execution and slippage.


  • MAGIC_NUMBER - magic number;
  • LOT_SIZE_MULTIPLY - lot multiplier of averaging orders;
  • MIN_GRID_STEP - the minimum step between averaging orders;
  • GRID_PRICE_STEP - the minimum step to the opening of the averaging order;
  • STOPLOSS - stop loss for a basket of orders;
  • TAKEPROFIT - take profit for the order basket;
  • TRAILING_STOP - minimum profit during trailing;
  • TRAILING_STEP - trailing step;

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