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Integral Trend

INTEGRAL TREND is not just an indicator, but a real trading system, based on the author's trend-tracking indicator and a flexible trading risk management algorithm.

What does INTEGRAL TREND do?

After you have placed INTEGRAL TREND on a quote chart, the indicator will start the following actions on its own:

  • analyze a quotation chart and identify the beginning and end of market trends on it
  • give audiovisual alerts and send push notifications to your smartphone about the need to make deals
  • determine Take Profit and Stop Loss levels for each trade
  • accumulate and visually demonstrate the statistics of working out its trading signals

Thus, INTEGRAL TREND will begin to perform the bulk of your routine work of analyzing the market instead of you. All you need to do is to clearly execute the indicator's trading signals and get trading results.

The INTEGRAL TREND system works transparently, intuitively and, most importantly, doesn’t deceive the user’s expectations of profit in the future. What does it mean? It's simple!!

By starting to use INTEGRAL TREND on a specific currency pair or timeframe, you can know in advance the size of your potential profit. After all, the indicator will independently calculate the statistics of profitable processing of its signals for a huge period of historical data. Thus, you will be able to choose for yourself the most historically profitable currency pairs and limit yourself from trading to those that have never made a profit.

Of course, a historical profitability is not a 100% guarantee of profit in the future, but it is the best tracer of the trading system potential!!

The INTEGRAL TREND system can be used for analyzing and trading on:

  • Currency pairs,
  • Stock assets,
  • Stock indexes, 
  • Commodity assets,
  • Cryptocurrency.

Thanks to the flexible manual settings of INTEGRAL TREND, this indicator can be configured to use on almost any currency pair and any timeframe!!

Also, I have prepared several set-files for you to configure INTEGRAL TREND on the most popular trading assets. You can download these set files via this link - https://yadi.sk/d/mzTi5I-ye6zCCA

MANUAL - how to use the indicator INTEGRAL TREND - https://yadi.sk/i/sQVQak4SaWZBog

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