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V1N1 Global MT4

The Expert Advisor is a fully automated, trades in all sessions (full-time), uses some important indicators to identify trade signals (Parabolic Stop And Reverse, Momentum, Stochastic Oscillator and Moving Average), as well as a adaptable algorithm to identify and trade in trend and important reversal levels (Overbought and Oversold and/or Fibonacci Retracement).

Features and Recommendations

  • This EA is very easy to use and can apply for many currency pairs;
  • The professional money management system allows you to control the amount of capital risked per trade;
  • Every trade is protected by Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop;
  • Trades in trend and reversal levels with pending orders (buy stop and sell stop);
  • No Martingale or Grid is applied;
  • The minimum recommended deposit amount is 2,000.00.


  • This EA was designed for hedging accounts only and has not been tested on netting accounts;
  • Historical data of traded pairs must be updated (about 2000 bars of history on the current and daily charts);
  • There are no requirements regarding broker. You can choose any broker you trust. 


  • The default settings are for reference only. Optimized settings files (*.set) are available on the Comments tab. These settings will be periodically reviewed/updated (backtesting and forward testing);
  • There might be multiple orders at the same time on every pair, but every trade is managed individually. This does not characterize grid. Every order is placed only when the trade signal occurs. You can always limit the number of orders via the Space Between Orders Factor input parameter, also considering the Stop Loss set;
  • The EA has been tested only on Forex currency pairs and on Metals XAUUSD and XAGUSD. It was not checked on Stocks, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Exotic Pairs, etc.


Input Parameters

  • Money Management: select the means of money management: Percentage or Fixed Lot;
  • Orders Risk: if the means of money management is Percentage, enter here the percentage of capital that EA will use in each trade; if it is Fixed Lot, enter here the lot size that EA will use in each trade;
  • Stop Loss - Points: stop loss in points;
  • Take Profit - Factor: take profit factor in relation to stop loss (Ex: Stop Loss = 1000 and Take Profit Factor = 1.5, then Take Profit = 1000 x 1.5 = 1500);
  • Trailing Stop: select when trailing stop will be triggered: Always On - whenever there is any gain after closing the bar; From 25% to 75% Gain - when the selected gain percentage (relative to the take profit level) is reached after closing the bar;
  • Step Parabolic SAR: PSAR indicator parameter used by the EA;
  • Levels Period - Daily: period to identify trading levels on the daily chart (D1);
  • Trade Reversal In Levels: select the levels to trade reversal: Overbought & Oversold or  Fibonacci Retracement;
  • Levels Indicator: select indicator to assist in identifying trading levels: Momentum, Stochastic or Both;
  • Momentum - Trend Levels: if Levels Indicator is not Stochastic, enter here the Momentum indicator level to trade in the trend;
  • Momentum - Reversal Levels: if Levels Indicator is not Stochastic, enter here the Momentum indicator level to trade in the reversal;
  • Stochastic - Trend Levels: if Levels Indicator is not Momentum, enter here the Stochastic indicator level to trade in the trend;
  • Stochastic - Reversal Levels: if Levels Indicator is not Momentum, enter here the Stochastic indicator level to trade in the reversal;
  • Trend Indicator: select the indicator to identify the current trend: Moving Average or Stochastic;
  • Space Between Orders - Factor: minimum distance the EA must consider when sending orders of the same type (Buy/Sell). Factor in relation to stop loss;
  • Minimum Break Range - Points: minimum distance in points from extreme of trading range identified by EA to pending order;
  • Maximum Spread - Points (0 = Off): maximum spread in points for EA to send orders and open trades. If entered zero, this option is disabled;
  • Maximum Price Deviation - Points: maximum price deviation in points.
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Version 1.22 2020.02.23
Some code improvements.
Version 1.20 2020.01.01
Copyright update.