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Fibo Arrow



This indicator draws a Fibonacci Retracement based on daily time frame. It draws arrows, sends pop-up alert  and phone notification whenever price crosses Fibonacci levels. This tool is useful for users who trade with Fibonacci.


ON Alert: set to true will pop-up alert whenever arrow appears.

ON Push: set to true will send phone notification whenever arrow appears.

===== FIBO(High & Low)=====

Time Frame: Fibonacci is drawn from daily high to daily low or vise versa.

Candle No: daily candle that will be drawn. 

Reverse Drawn Fibo: set to true will reverse the Fibonacci levels

===== FIBO LEVEL =====

Level-------------> Fibonacci level. 

Show Arrow: set to true to show arrow. set false to hide arrow.

UP Arrow Color: set your preferred up arrow color.

DOWN Arrow Color: set your preferred down arrow color.

===== FIBO COLOR =====

Fibo Bullish Color: set your preferred bullish Fibonacci color.

Fibo Bearish Color:set your preferred bearish Fibonacci color.

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