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Oro Panorama

This mutlitimeframe indicator is based on my own indicator wich shows trends at a early stage .

You will see the trends from M1 to Month timeframe .

The more the value is high ,the more the trend is confirmed .The values above 100  determine a high trend .

Medium trend :    50 <=Value<100

No trend : 50<Value

You can set alert for each timeframe and for your own value .

Meaning of the parameters:

M5|1: .....is the indicator's value on the  1st bar for M5 timeframe

M5|2: .....is the indicator's value on the  2nd bar for M5 timeframe

S.M5:.....is the sum of the 2 formers values for M5 timeframe

D.M5:.... is the difference  between the 2 first indicator's value for M5 timeframe

Alert_M5 : if false the alert is off ;if true the alert is on

M5_Value : if this value is reached the alert will appear

Periode 1 and Periode 2  are the periodes of the main indicator .You can change them as you want but the values set as good enough

Green color : positive value

Red color : negative value

P.S: When making analyze on a timeframe ,you should consider the trend on a higher timeframe

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