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The UpDownSignals indicator is designed to identify entry and exit points for a deal. Using it is very simple: when an up arrow appears, open a BUY deal, when a down arrow appears, open a SELL deal. The indicator gives accurate and timely signals for entry and exit, appearing on the current candle between the time the candle opens and closes. The indicator works on the basis of MACD, candlestick patterns and proprietary algorithms.

Indicator inputs:

  • period - indicator period
  • enableAlerts - Enable / Disable Sound Alert
  • EmailAlert - Enable / Disable Email Notifications
  • MobileAlert - Enable / Disable Push Notifications
  • ShowInfo - Enable / disable the display panel in the upper right corner

theplanck 2020.03.17 08:49 

Im new to trading and rented the UpDownSignal indicator as a tool for me to learn the markets and test my strategies out. What I have seen is that UpDownSignal is spot on for the initial signal and through the middle of the run. Do not use the signal as a close signal indicator, that is not what it is meant for in my opinion. Also, the signal for me has been spot on for the hour time periods, though I dont trade the m1 - m15 charts. I would strongly recommend this indicator for those of you who are learning and those who want to confirm entry points. I used this indicator on a paper money account and was very successful and then moved to my real money account where I have been successful (for me) as well. My expectations coming into trading though was not to make a ton of money right off the bat, I stick to my plan and using the UpDownSignal indicator is now a necessary tool in the arsenal. If you dont want to buy it, rent if for a month and try it out. Itll backtest great too. Eighteen bucks (or the 49) will be well spent. Many thanks!

petrChak 2019.05.15 19:20 

Very good indicator , i've been using it for several days ! I use it combination with my strategy .

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