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Capital Hedger

Metatrader 4 trading robot for all major currencys - Capital Hedger uses hedging and martingale technuiqe with an advanced newsfilter to aviod trading on certian news plus an individual timefilter for each day mon-fri. Two positions are opened at the same time by signal from 3 MA indicators, one buy and one sell and if the trade goes in the opposite direction after x-number of pips it opens a new trade applying martingale in the same direction as the first trade and this process repeats itself until take profit reached or the maximum allowed orders. Equipped with order trailing management and breakeven function but have in mind that trailing this strategy will reduce it's performance. Spread filter stop initial orders from beeing executed if the x-spread is to high and very useful in various market conditions to prevent unvanted order executions. Martingale can be applied in many different systems, and this is one of them. We all know what martingale are, but if it's used in an environment with safety systems surrounding it then it's a whole other deal and it suddenly becomes less risky to use atleast in my opinion and experience working with it.



  • News system without use of .DLL
  • Works on all major currencys and timeframes (.set files available in comments tab)
  • 4 and 5 digit ECN brokers that allows Hedging
  • Maximum allowed open orders protection
  • Entire news system can be disabled
  • Each individual trading day can be enbled/disabled
  • Initial order execution spread filter
  • Suitable for multicurrency trading


  • Initial deposit should not be less then 2000USD
  • Load a .setfile or perform an optimization before use! Setfiles available in comments tab.
  • Newsfilter prevent EA from from trading before, on and after news
  • Use ECN account with stoplevel zero "0" and currencys with low spread. Wider spread + stoplevel >0= Increased risk!
  • Order trailing management by default disabled

Input settings

  • Chart color High,Medium and Low impact news lines - default RED,BLUE and LIMEGREEN
  • News line chart thickness style - default 2
  • Deactivate entire news system - This function enable or disable the entire news system (default TRUE=OFF)
  • Minutes after news to resume trading - Continue trading after X minutes (default 60)
  • Minutes before news to pause trading - Pause trading before X minutes (default 60)
  • Low impact news - Enable/disbale (default FALSE)
  • Medium impact news - Enable/disable (default FALSE)
  • High impact news - Enable/disable (default FALSE)
  • News GMToffset - Market Watch VS GMT to get right offset (default 2)
    • If offset is minus simply type -2 for example
  • News currency to display - If empty the current charts pair will be used (default EUR,USD)
    • Separate each currency with comma like EUR,USD,JPY if you want other then the chart's news shown on current chart.
  • Draw news lines - Draw vertical lines for each news (default FALSE) If MQL5 vps used turn this setting off.
  • Upcoming news alert (popup) - Get alerted before the news been processed (default FALSE)
  • Virtual trailing stop(Hidden/Stealth) - True/false (default false)
  • Breakevenpoint - default 20
  • Stoploss movement step in Points - default 68
  • Minimal profit of trailing stop in Points - default 74
  • Trailing from breakeven Point - Use 'no loss' true/false (default true)
  • Magic# for trailing - default 46660
    • To disable order trailing set Magic#for trailing other then 46660. Enable trailing, magic must be same as EA magic.
  • EA Magic ID number - 46660 default
  • Left,right chart HUD - Enable/disable EA's chart HUD's (default true)
  • Max spread initial orders - default 7.0(0.7)
  • Order takeprofit - default 49
  • Order distance in pips - default 57
  • Initial lots size - default 0.01
  • Order step multiplier - 3.0
  • Maximal open orders -default 12
  • Max open orders reach - Close all - default true
  • Trading Hours - Daily trading hours Monday to friday (default Wintertime )
    • To turn a specific day off set Stophour less then Starthour

News system URL link to use in the terminal when setting up the permission to read URL's

  • Copy and paste this link in the field for listed URL's in MetaTrader 4 terminal


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Version 1.7 2019.04.16
Issues with orderlot calculations and risk management been fixed
Version 1.6 2019.01.13
A missing piece added that recognize if there's open orders or not when the news system activated.
Version 1.5 2019.01.12
Re-worked multitrading function
Added risk management
Version 1.4 2019.01.07
A tiny little bugfix
Version 1.3 2019.01.05
Completely reworked on trade signal confirmations. MACD been replaced with Moving Average indicator on 3 timeframes - M1,M5,M15 now generation EA's trade signals.
Version 1.2 2019.01.05
Bug fixes
Version 1.1 2019.01.03
Bug fix on right chart hud; didn't turn off as it should
Bug fix on lots calculation