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No Lag Moving Averade


NLMA is a new Moving Average indicator which has no lag and moves without delay respect to price changes. NLMA calculates EMA and then recalculate its moving average just like Double EMA or DEMA indicator. But after each MA, it uses a simple low pass filter to soften the curve. Not like SMA, low period value does not create sharp angles and NLMA curve keeps its softness.

You can use two NLMA (like NLMA(5) and NLMA(9)) to identify trend changes. Cross points of NLMA(5) and NLMA(9) are new trends.

Input Parameters:

  • applied_price=PRICE_MEDIAN               Applied Price
  • InpPeriod=5                                         NLMA Period

sunnychow 2019.01.09 16:51 

Thanks for share, Would you illustrate how to enter and exit market with NLMA indicator?

Version 1.1 2019.01.08
Some modifications