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CashFlow V1 4 Sniper Mode

CashFlow V1.4 Sniper Mode

  • Simple and easy to use indicator.
  • The indicator indicates the best and most effective spots in the market. 
  • You can use it as a regular trading style.
  • you can use it as a hedge trading style ( recommended ).
  • works on all timeframes but we recommend to use M5.

Bellow you can see some pictures and explanations: 

First the normal trading style without hedging 








The hedging trading style which we recommended for the highest profitability however it's a dangerous trading style





the trading style we do recommend is: 

when you receive a signal you put a SL 10 to 15 pips not more, and at the same SL price you put a sell/buy stop ( depends on which signal arrow you will be receiving whether it's up arrow>buy or down arrow>sell ) and you let the trend do it's work. the point of the indicator that it shows you the very best places on the chart to add your trades whether it's up or down. which means a distance above/below the Signal arrow is a turning point, so the trend will go in most cases in only two ways whether it's up or down which means no Sideways! and that's the beauty of the system.

Please let me know if you need any help.

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