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The system consists of a large number of slave advisers who are controlled by one leading expert. The leading expert controls the work of all robots, calculates the profit and loss of each robot individually, closes their positions if necessary, blocks unprofitable advisors, sets the input lot. All summary information about all robots, he displays on the chart.

At the same time, within one terminal, the system can control up to 100 slave advisors. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that one adviser can open several orders each and the limit on the number of orders from a broker can interfere with the work of a large number of advisers. You must also take into account the power of the computer and the terminal. Today, on average, the terminal can master 20 advisors. Due to these restrictions, it is better to open several accounts and distribute robots across several terminals.

Slave advisors are provided separately using the example of the following robot - https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/34167. Their list will be replenished all the time by more than 100 experts. These are full-fledged advisors, each of which works according to its individual strategy independently of the others. They have a minimum of external parameters and will be updated periodically so as to meet current market conditions.

You can also connect your own experts to it. All you need to do is to give them order identifiers (magic numbers) from 1 to 100. The system will perform most of the work, in particular, the calculation of profits and the number of orders for each robot individually. As well as closing their positions both in manual mode and in automatic mode, individually or in large quantities.

The functions of setting up a common lot and blocking unprofitable robots will not be available. To complete the work of the system, special advisors are needed for which it was developed. You can find them here - https://www.mql5.com/en/users/robotstroi/seller#products

Slave advisors are able to work completely independently without the use of a leading expert. This expert is a supplement that greatly facilitates the management and evaluation of a large number of experts.


  • AutoTrade - if you turn on the robot will conduct independent trade. In this case, the order management function of other advisors is automatically disabled;
  • GetLot - lot with which this robot and all slave advisors will trade;
  • xStopLoss - stop loss in pips;
  • Step - the indicator variable directly affects the quality and frequency of transactions;
  • TotalTrades - the number of orders allowed;
  • ID is the magic number of the adviser;
  • UseCrossMA - trend indicator. This is followed by its settings ... and then the parameters of the control function of the slave advisors ..
  • OrdersHistoryDay - the number of days starting from today for which the results of the work of advisors are checked;
  • UseStopLoss - forced closing of orders and blocking the slave expert in case of exceeding the allocated funds;
  • StopLoss - allocated funds limit for each robot separately. Indicated in a fixed amount of money;
  • UseStopProfit - closing all positions in the terminal according to the total profit;
  • StopProfit - total profit when reached, all positions in the terminal are closed.


  • Currency pair EURUSD
  • M15 chart period

Screenshot description

  1. Strategy number (corresponds to the order identifier)
  2. The result of trading advisor (profit / loss in the aggregate)
  3. The number of closed positions in the history
  4. Current floating profit
  5. Number of open positions
  6. Buttons for forced closing of orders by identifier
  7. Push buttons for blocking slave advisors
  8. Scrolling pages
  9. Push buttons for closing all orders in the terminal by type
  10. The number of days in history
  11. Total lot
  12. Stop Loss Yes / No
  13. The amount of Stop Loss and blocking for each robot separately
  14. Take Profit Yes / No
  15. The total take profit amount for all robots
  16. Available terminal capacity
  17. Busy
  18. Free

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