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News on chart

The indicator displays economic news on the chart (the appropriate data must be downloaded from the Internet using this utility). The list of currencies (countries) is customizable. By default it shows all currencies. News items are divided into 4 categories by degree of importance. Plenty of customizable display parameters are provided. The indicator has 4 buffers with offset for use in developments of experts as a news filter. The calendar needs to be loaded once, at the beginning of each week (or you can re-download data at any time if you want to update the information and see the values of released economic indicators). By default, the indicator displays current week data but you can independently set the initial date (in which case you will need to download data available in the Internet for all weeks starting from the selected date).


  • Use pure site data - use the raw source data.
  • Use common folder - use the common terminal folder for data files.
  • Start publication from - date to begin the data display (0 - current week), too "far" date might freeze the terminal.
  • Currency list - name of the currency (countries) to display the news, separated by commas. Enter *** to show all news.
  • Create additional text for news - display additional information.
  • Show info before X minutes - display the information X minutes before the news.
  • Show info after X minutes - display the information X minutes after the news.
  • GMT hours offset for broker time - broker's time zone relative to GMT.
  • Show 'High' importance news - show high-impact news.
  • Show 'Medium' importance news - show medium-impact news.
  • Show 'Low' importance news - show low-impact news.
  • Show additional news - show additional news.
  • Vertical points from prev object - vertical spacing of objects.
  • Show vertical lines - show vertical lines on bars with news.
  • Create 'events' for news - create event's objects
  • Turn on/off news alerts - enable alerts.
  • Do alerts before X minutes from news - display alert X minutes before the news.
  • Alert sound on/off - enable sound alerts.
  • Sound name - audio file name for the alert.
  • 'High' importance news color - color of high-impact news.
  • 'Medium' importance news color - medium-impact news.
  • 'Low' importance news color - low-impact news.
  • Other news color - other news.
  • Vertical line style - style of vertical lines.
  • Main text font name - font name of the main text.
  • Main text font size - size of the main text.
  • Main text corner - anchor corner of the main text.
  • Main text Y shift - up/down offset of the text from the anchor corner.
  • Main text vertical space - line spacing.
  • Main text X0 shift - offset of information column 1.
  • Main text X1 shift - offset of information column 2.
  • Main text X2 shift - offset of information column 3.
  • Main text X3 shift - offset of information column 4.
  • Additional info text font name - font name of the additional text.
  • Additional info text font size - size of the additional text.
  • Additional info text use back - additional text in the background.
  • Additional info text angle - corner to display the additional text.
  • Additional info text color - color of the additional text.
  • Use buffers shift - enable the buffer shift (do not disable it to see the news "arrows" on the chart in advance).
  • Bars count buffers shift - shift of the indicator buffers to output the news "arrows" in advance (0 - automatic calculation of the shift).
  • Arrow high news code - arrow code for the high-impact news.
  • Arrow medium news code - medium-impact news.
  • Arrow low news code - low-impact news.
  • Arrow other news code - other news.
  • Price moved arrow high news code - character code for high-impact news.
  • Price moved arrow medium news code - medium-impact news.
  • Price moved arrow low news code - low-impact news.
  • Price moved arrow other news code - other news.
  • Show price moved arrows and info text - display the information on the chart candles.
  • Hide old news - hide the past news.
  • Hide old lines - hide the vertical lines of the past news.
  • Generate news data for testing on USD pairs - generate news events. Testing mode, automatically enabled in the demo version, set to false for normal operation
  • Add time to news info text - add time to the text of the news description
  • Add currency name to news info text - add currency name to news description text

Adolfo Vidales Basurto
Adolfo Vidales Basurto 2020.03.23 23:43 

Nice It works like a Charm! Good Work!

sangra15 2017.03.24 07:09 

GReat for News Trader 5* :)

Version 2.4 2020.02.09
Added display of "event" objects.
Version 2.3 2019.11.25
The conversion module has been improved.
Version 2.2 2019.10.28
Added display of additional news. Added new tags for conversion.
Version 2.1 2019.10.22
Completely redesigned data conversion function.
Version 2.0 2018.03.28
Updated the algorithm for converting the source data.
Version 1.9 2017.12.11
Added push and email notifications of news releases.
Version 1.8 2017.12.05
Added new features:
- The indicator buffers can be made invisible by setting Arrow high,medium,low news code = 0
- New mode to display the vertical lines. When setting "Show vertical lines = 2", the lines will appear X minutes before the news release. The value X is taken from the "Show info before X minutes" parameter.
Version 1.7 2017.11.23
Added the ability to disable almost all objects on the chart.
Added generation of news events to illustrate testing of the demo version.
Version 1.6 2016.09.29
Updated the data conversion algorithm.
Version 1.5 2016.07.14
Updated algorithm for data conversion.
Version 1.4 2016.06.23
Updated the data conversion algorithm.
Version 1.3 2016.02.12
The news search algorithm fixed to match the updated calendar format on the site.
Version 1.2 2015.03.05
Improved the calendar modification module
Version 1.1 2015.03.03
1. Added ability to use files with the calendar data from the common file folder for all terminals \Terminal\Common\Files\ in order to optimize disk space usage. UseCommonFolder=true enables using files from the common folder. If false, data from a certain terminal's folder is used.
2. Added the ability to receive the calendar data from the "website data file" downloaded using "Data auto loader for News on Chart indicator" utility (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/7759) when the similar parameter is enabled (the utility version 1.2 or higher is required).
UsePureSiteData=true - enable the built-in data conversion into CSV format for further use, false - data in CSV format only is downloaded.