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FX Market Buyer

   The complex product "FX Market Buyer" consists of a trend and sector indicator. Similar development of the indicator "FX Market Seller",  only working in the direction of shopping. A trend indicator using price channels determines the trend of a bullish trend The indicator is designed to find deals only for purchases, it works in the direction of a bullish trend and without him, but using different principles. Recommended timeframes for use from M5 and higher. Does not redraw.

Indicator Parameters

  • Period sectors buy - Period of sectors for purchases
  • Smooth Period  - Smoothing period
  • Show Bullish Trend - Show bullish trend
  • Period Bullish Trend - Period of bullish trend
  • Show sectors only inside a bullish trend - Show sectors only inside a bullish trend
  • Arrows signal - Enable arrows for inputs.
  • Arrows stop - Enable arrows for exits.
  • Alerts sound - Enable / disable sound when arrows appear.
  • Soundfile signal - Sound file for inputs.
  • Soundfile stop - Sound file for outputs.
  • History Bars - The number of indicator bars on the chart.
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