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Hedging and Trailing


This Expert will hedge your trade position automatically. There are 2 buttons on chart for you to enter a trade. Blue button for buy entry and Red button for sell entry. It also can trail stop all hedged positions.You could also let the expert to trade according to its strategy by Auto Entry.

How It Works:  when you found a setup, click the button (blue for buy and red for sell). Expert will immediately open a stop pending order. When price hit this pending order, Expert will open another opposite pending order. It will continue to do so until all open positions are closed due to price hits take profit, stop loss or trailing stop. Expert will not open any new trade if you click the button while there are still open trades.


Trade Comment:  you can name you own trade.

Magic No: unique trade number for this expert.

Lot: your first trade lot size when you click the button.

Lot Multiply: hedging the earlier position by opening a new pending order with multiplying lot.

Hedging Distance: distance in pips between hedged positions.

Take Profit:  take profit value in pips.

Stop Loss: stop loss value in pips.

Trailing Stop: trail value in pips. Zero value means no trailing.

Auto Entry: if set to true. Expert will open trade according to its setup.

Buy Button Color: default is blue.

Sell Button Color: default is red.

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