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Moving Average Dashboard Pro

Moving Average Dashboard Pro is an improved and advanced indicator of the free version "Moving Average Crossover Bars ago Dashboard"

The moving average dashboard pro gives you a dashboard view of bullish and bearish moving average crossovers. For example, if there was a bullish moving average crossover 5 sessions ago, then you would see 5 bars ago. This indicates that there was a bullish crossover 5 sessions ago.

This indicator is useful if you want to catch the trend early on when using moving averages. The Moving Average Dashboard Pro saves you time as you can use the indicator to scan multiple currency pairs or other symbols in just one window.

Main Features of the Moving Average Dashboard Pro

  • Add up to 4 moving averages on the indicator
  • Select from period, shift, type of MA, type of price
  • Get push notifications, email alert or pop-up alert on your MT4
  • Full display cutomization (Font type, font size, font colors)

See demo here

Emmanuel Onigbogi
Emmanuel Onigbogi 2019.01.30 02:45 

I am able to scan all the instruments. This is a great tool.

The developer needs to add scroll down bar. There should also be sorting methods either by age or currency in ascending or descending order. Looking forward to see improved version soon.