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Infinity Trend Line EA

The EA is developed with  INFINITY TrendLine and PipFiniteTrendPRO indicators. 
In this EA the user has an opportunity to check the signal in the higher period (HTF). 

Detailed information can be found on our blog.

Signal INFINITY (30 pairs): https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/527318 . The setting is the same for all pairs INFINITY_3.31.set (H1)


The basic lot is 3% of Deposit on one pair. In the settings there are three levels of TP and intermediate Tralling from TP-2 level. With positive results of the experiment will be choose individual settings for each pair.

it is necessary to choose individual settings for each pair.

The EA is able to check the signal of HigherTimeframe and a SuccessRate, which significantly increases its reliability.

It includes MM function as the desired %-value of deposit and the basic opportunity to set a fixed lot.  ММ+ function is also available, which means single multiplication of the lot depending on the trade condition ( when drawdown from one deal to one month). 

When using the indicator and the EA simultaneously, parameters should be the same. 

Campfrie2 2019.01.09 20:35 

Catastrophe. The EA is absolutely faulty.

John Fasheyiku
John Fasheyiku 2019.01.09 15:52 

Carrying out an indepth review of the EA over a couple of weeks, using several sets among 22 currency pairs.


EA win/loss ratio is not bad - but unfortunately the cons below far outstrips the pros.


EA is supposed to be based on the infinity Indicator, but half the time I find sell trades when the indicator with the same settings signals a buy, and buy trades when the indicator indicates a sell. There are times when you see trades entered without a corresponding symbol from the indicator - so there doesn't seem to be any actual indication of what is driving the trade which is concerning.

I suspect this issue can be easily resolved but the Author is impossible to get a hold off, so my rating remains 1/5. Will gladly update if/when the Author is able to advise on what the problem is and resolve.

diaoxiong7818 chen
diaoxiong7818 chen 2018.12.21 15:40   


trailingedge 2018.12.05 23:06 

Awesome ad-on to my PipFinite Trend Pro Indicator !

Sebastian Schmidt
Sebastian Schmidt 2018.11.26 20:49 

Great work, top works very efficiently and worth every penny. A must have, suitable for every trader

paksat 2018.11.15 14:12 

I give 5 stars

Version 3.32 2019.01.21
Changed the way of dividing the lot
Version 3.31 2019.01.17
fixed a bug HTF
Version 3.3 2019.01.13
fixed a bug
Version 3.2 2019.01.10
fixed a bug
Version 3.1 2018.12.27
new version
Version 3.0 2018.12.10
1) Changed the code for speed testing
2)Added the MA filter
3)Added a function to flag "Close_on_ReversalSignal", if specify it '=false' will open an opposite order when saved the latest to TP1.
Have a good trade!
Version 2.2 2018.12.07
Added the 'Comment' parameter
Version 2.1 2018.11.26
Update to ver_2.1
Version 2.0 2018.11.14
Added SuccsessRate filter for INFINITY Indicator
Version 1.2 2018.11.14
Added a new paramets:
SuccessRateFilter for PipFiniter
Tralling by TP
Version 1.1 2018.11.11
New version