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Smart Scalper PRO MT5


Smart Scalper PRO is the professional version of the popular free scalper BF Smart Scalper EA with a lot of new features/systems and improvements. Continue reading to learn more about Smart Scalper PRO. Smart Scalper PRO is very simple, but it is based on the most proven trading principle since the markets exist – enter the market in the direction of a strong market impulse, after a reasonable correction is detected. In the core of this trading principle is our deeply encoded human psychology, which will never change. My goal was to keep Smart Scalper PRO as simple as possible in order to prevent the curve-fitting, which is the biggest enemy of the EA trading. I have added a lot of new additional features/systems in this PRO version to improve its performance. 

There is a MT4 version too! Click here to check it!

Smart Scalper PRO Features

  • Strong, pure and simple trading logic
  • 24/5 trading, without any time restrictions – no GMT shift hassles
  • Reasonable TP and SL levels - plus new ATR based algorithm
  • Low drawdown
  • Solid 18-year backtest performance
  • Multiple currency pairs support
  • Advanced News Filter
  • New, improved, highly effective exit logic
  • Advanced Time Management System
  • Email and Push Notification system
  • Friday Exit System

Instructions and recommendations

You can use Auto MM=2% (low risk) up to 10% (high risk), according to the significance of your account and your risk and profit expectations.

Reasonable fixed Lot size is 0.05 on 1k account balance, or 0.5 lots on 10k account balance.

If you use multiple currency pairs, you should consider decreasing the risk accordingly.

Supported currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY and USDCAD, plus optional GBPUSD high frequency - high profit settings

The default settings are for GBPUSD. The robot can be used on other currency pairs, too. For other supported pairs and .set files, please  check here.

You can run the EA on M1 or M15 chart – it makes no difference for the EA, as all used timeframes are hardcoded.

You can backtest and optimize the EA on M1 chart by “open price only” method – this will be correct enough and save you a lot of time.

Finally, please, bear in mind that Holy Grails in trading does not exist! Even the best system suffers some bad periods. Smart Scalp PRO is using very reasonable SL levels, so they can get hit /even repeatedly/ in bad market condition. Please, do not leave negative comments after every SL hit, or losing trade! I believe in long term trading Smart Scalper PRO will show good results.

Advanced News Filter

Smart Scalper PRO is equipped with Advanced News Filter. Thanks to this filter you can avoid trading during most important news and events. The news filter can increase the profit factor of the system and reduce the drawdown. It is disabled by default and you can configure it precisely.

Advanced Time Management System

With the Time Management System you can precisely configure the robot to trade or not to trade in specific week days and hours. This is a very powerful option which will let you avoid the most dangerous days and hours. 

Friday Exit System

We all know that sometimes it could be risky to trade on Friday because the trades may remain during the weekend and may be closed on big loss due to Monday gaps. Smart Scalper PRO has a Friday Exit system and you can configure the robot to close all trades on Friday Evening at a desired time and to stop trading after this time.

E-mail and Push Notification System

Smart Scalper PRO can send email and push notifications to your mobile phone and inform you about its trades. You can enable Email and Push notifications from Smart Scalper PRO settings.

Smart Scalper PRO Settings

  • FixedLots       
  • AutoMM
  • Magic
  • EA_Coment
  • MaxSpread
  • Slippage
  • TicksTrade
  • StealthMode
  • EmergencyStopDist
  • StopLoss
  • TakeProfit
  • .............

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Version 1.4 2020.07.13
I have fixed a small bug related to parameter AllowedHour_ForBacktest.
Version 1.3 2020.06.17
I have fixed a small bug in the Time Management System.
Version 1.2 2019.01.08
There is a small improvement in the robot program code.
Version 1.1 2018.11.13
There are two modifications in the new version 1.1 of Smart Scalper PRO:

- Added UTS (Uncontrolled Trades) system for preventing multiple trades opening in short time.
- Added additional protection in the dynamic Stop Loss system.