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Market Impulse

This indicator uses volume and volatility information to indicate the trend or to indicate the market reversion/correction. There are 2 indicators in one. The indicator works in two styles: values ​​per candle and accumulated values.

Using the volume and volatility information, when well adjusted, this indicator has a good probability to indicate the right direction, both in lower (M1, M2, M5) and higher (M15, M30) timeframes.

Strategy 1: Trend indicator

Indicates the operation direction. To use it as a trend indicator, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the symbol and desired timeframe
  2. Adds the indicator and sets the parameters "Acumular valores" to "Sim" and "Atualizar o mínimo sempre que romper" to "Sim".
With this configuration, the indicator will indicate the saturated points of the market with a higher probability of retraction. This strategy works better using lower timeframes (M1, M2, M5).

Strategy 2: fast market reversion/correction

Indicates the moment that probably will be a market correction or reversion. Use it in short operations. To use it as an indicator, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the symbol and desired timeframe
  2. Adds the indicator and sets the parameters "Acumular valores" to "Não" and "Limiar mínimo para virar na acumulação de valores" to zero.
  3. Verify if you can easily identify the trends. Otherwise, gradually increase the "Limiar mínimo para virar na acumulação de valores" until be ok.

Whenever the negative (red: Limiar -) or positive (green: Limiar +) threshold line increases, probably the price will turn on the direction (or by a reversion or by a correction). By example: If the positiv threshold raise, should be a good momente to sell and close this position some candles ahead. 

The other parameters serve to allow a finer adjustment for both strategies.


  • Volume: The volume type.
    • volume do tick (0): tick volume
    • volume real (1): real volume
  • Aplicado em: Which candle params to use to volatility.
    • máximas e mínimas (0): high and low
    • aberturas e fechamentos (1): open and close
    • apenas aberturas (2): only open
    • apenas fechamentos (3): only close
    • abertura, fechamento, máximas e mínimas (4): open, close, high, low
  • Acumular valores: Toggle to accumulate consecutive same direction volatility values.
    • Não (1): No
    • Sim (2): Yes
  • Limiar mínimo para virar na acumulação de valores: Max volatility value that the indicator tolerates to put a reverse volatility in the current accumulation. Used only when "Acumular valores" is setted to "Sim"
  • Impulso mínimo para operar: Minimum threshold to start
  • Atualizar o mínimo sempre que romper: Will the threshold be changed when the bar raise the value?
    • Não (1): No
    • Sim (2): Yes
  • Usar marcadores verticais: Plots a vertical line whenever the "Impulso mínimo para operar" is raised. For performance reasons this feature only works on the current day (the previous days will never plot the lines)

Programmers: This indicator was optimized for use with expert advisors, it does not redraw! EA should wait for the candle to close. Do not act upon incomplete candles (otherwise the EA may act on a false signal).

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Version 1.2 2018.10.15
Version 1.1 2018.10.15