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We present the latest development of 2014 - a non-redrawing AutoPilot indicator for working on Forex. The indicator draws an automatic trend line. No need to draw it manually any more! Our product is an essential tool that allows you to monitor multiple currencies at the same time! The indicator is not redrawn and is very efficient in detecting the trend. We have tried to make it effective for trades who trade serious money, while at the same time keeping it simple and clear for beginners.

Our indicator provides accurate Forex signals. The peculiarities of working with the indicator can be explained in just a couple of words. You simply need to monitor entry signals on the screen.

Major Advantages of the Indicator:

  • Very easy to use. You only need to apply it to the price chart
  • Non-redrawing indicator algorithm in contrast with standard indicators
  • It tells you where to buy and where to sell
  • It works on all instruments and currencies
  • The indicator automatically adjusts to the market
  • It indicates the level up to which the position should be held
Ioannis Velikis
2018.01.19 19:06 


Gennadiy Voltornist
2017.11.06 21:08 

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