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Pelorus EA trades on EUR/USD breakout. Two opposite pending orders are set at the beginning and the end of a day (BuyStop and SellStop). Profit taking is based on the calculations of a set-in impulse indicator using an original MM scheme (No martingale, No grid).  You can follow the realy trading of the Pelorus EA on a demo account.

Please use the Set-files include settings for different risk options EURUSD (M30 or H1): Risk7%(MM+),  Risk10%,  Risk20%.

Risk (pLot), %Profit $, (%)DrawDown, %History period test (Start Deposit=1000$)
7 MM+1 471 909      (147 191%)35,092013.01.01-2018.10.15
10182 299          (18 230%)29,882013.01.01-2018.10.15
201 143 007      (114 301%) 48,102013.01.01-2018.10.15
7 MM+263 496           (26 350%)34,542015.01.01-2018.10.15
1063 869              (6 387%)28,582015.01.01-2018.10.15
20831 749           (83 175%)46,962015.01.01-2018.10.15
7 MM+3 347                   (335%)20,032018.01.01-2018.10.15
102 430                   (243%)11,142018.01.01-2018.10.15
206 611                   (661%)20,962018.01.01-2018.10.15

For stable work VPS server, a EUR/USD broker with 5 digits and a low spread (10-15pips) should be used.

Embedded parameter (pLot) supports the preset level of MM in % of deposit.

More aggressive trading is available when applying (PL-coef K & period):

kPeriod  - lot increase within a period : 0-never, 1-a day, 2-a week, 3- drawdown  (until update of equity maximum)

K -  index of lot increase when drawdown

InverseK - inverse index does not increase, it decreases by the K value when drawdown with kPeriod range ( "false" by default)

stoplossEMA – use of EMA as a stop level ("false" by default)

MinRange/MaxRange manages the working range within a day period

opBar1/clBar1 - manages the time range within a day period  

Unique settings and Slippage file recording enable Pelorus EA automatically correct levels of SL and TP.

Pelorus EA can simultaneously work with other EAs as it uses an individual order marker.

It is recommended to switch off Pelorus EA on Nonfarm Payrolls Days (usually the 1st Friday of a month)


Parameters for EUR/USD currency pair (M30-H1):

pLot% =(5-20)

MinRange =300

MaxRange =900

kPeriod=0-3 (for MM+)

K=1-3 (for MM+)  

StoplossEMA =false 

Mo/Tu/We/Th/Fr = true 

opBar1/clBar1 =25


Happy hunting.

P.S. When testing at the weekend, the 7-15 spread should be used in manual mode, as spreads extend at the weekends. 

If your broker has any problem when testing, send a DM. Pelorus EA has been tested and is now used on the real ECN-accounts RoboForex,TickMill  and Alpari.



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Version 1.3 2018.10.21
Updated to ver.1.3
Version 1.2 2018.10.16
Optimized to version 1.2
Version 1.1 2018.10.05
Внесены небольшие изменения в код для ускорения работы EA.
Вынесена функция MAGIC во внешнее окно данных.