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MC Fractal Points

MC Fractal Points for MT4


The indicator show the extreme points (supports and resistances) of the past waves on four fractal scales (1 - 2 - 3 - 4).

It work on every timeframe, every market.

This indicator do not re-paint, however extreme points are signaled only after a wave has been complete.

The purpose of this indicator is to show the multifractal structure of charts on an "Elliot-Wave" style, in order to better understand the chart and plan trades accordingly.

It is strongly advised to use this indicator in conjunction with the "MC Fractal Studies Main Indicators", for a full experience.

You can find them in MQL5 Market under the name MC Fractal Studies Main Indicators.

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Version 1.16 2018.10.02
v 1.16:
Minor fixes in MultiFractal algorithm.