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Synthetics EA

Synthetics EA - is an adviser that processes deals on the signal of a built-in trend indicator. These "synthetic" orders  can be carried out by minimum lot both on the real market and virtually. Based on the trading results, according to the user's settings, the adviser makes "non-synthetic" entrances to the market - that is, the user can specify an entry after two or three consecutive losses, or vice versa entering the market only after a series of profitable trades. The EA has numerous settings options, but for beginners, there are ready-made set-files.

The real-work and mu other products can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/users/mechanic/seller

Input parameters

The EA works both on four and five-digit quotes. The input parameters are for specifying values in points for all 5 digits, and it will avtomatically recalculate everything by 4 charecters.

Mode - the work of the bar opening bar or the current bar;
Counting choice - opening of "synthetic" orders on the real market or virtually;
Closing option - closing of synthetic orders for take profit and stop-loss or on a reverse signal;
Calculation of rezults - calculation of the results of "synthetic" orders for profit or loss;
Number of rezults (0 - not use) - the number of results of "synthetic" orders for the EA entry;
Number of input (0 - not use) - the number of inputs after receiving the first input signal;
Take Profit VIRTUAL, points - take-profit of "synthetic" orders;
Stop Loss VIRTUAL, points - stop-loss of "synthetic" orders;
Trail Start, points - profit in points at which the trailing stop is activated;
Trail Distance, points - at what distance from the price there will a trailing stop appear;
Max spread -  maximum spread at which the EA is authorized to open and close positions;
Star Hour - start time to work of the EA;
End Hour -end time for the work of the EA;
Show Button Close - enables / disables the button for closing orders;
Magic EA - the magic number by which the EA distinguishes its positions from other orders.

Bluefox 2018.10.16 17:04 

Bad performance so far, need some improvement for the trend detection..Hope Remil will check that one soon. will update review then.

Donaldson Filho
Donaldson Filho 2018.10.12 10:02 

I have tested in real ecn account, H1, generates few orders but until now always with profit, until the present moment everything is going well.

Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2018.10.06 12:35 

Минус 10 % депозита за первую неделю. Остановил его работу чтобы не слил весь счет.

Ivan Sampaio
Ivan Sampaio 2018.10.02 03:48 

My second buy from Ramil! I'm a very satisfied client! Regards from Brazil.

Victor 2018.09.25 01:14 

New EA from Ramil.. Can't wait to test run it on real account. He's a good guy with excellent customers service

Alan Lee
Alan Lee 2018.09.24 15:21 

I've been waiting for this to come out and it's finally here!

Excellent support also from Ramil

Hurbs Max
Hurbs Max 2018.09.23 10:13 

Just bought it.

I will try on demo.

Put result in some week

Edit 18/10/18

The result are not good.

Need some improvment !

Aliaksandr Vasilenka
Aliaksandr Vasilenka 2018.09.22 13:56 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 4.0 2018.10.07
Fixed bugs in the built-in indicator
Version 3.0 2018.10.03
Fixed bugs in the built-in indicator
Version 2.0 2018.10.01
Added the ability to set lots of synthetic orders