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SignalDeMarker - stable in its work automatic adviser. The algorithm of the adviser's work is based on the definition of overbought / oversold market zones, built on the basis of an assessment of the current demand and the level of risk. The indicator is installed in the usual way, on a chart with a time period of D1 and works with any trading instrument.


  • Expert_MagicNumber = 1234 - magic number
  • Signal_StopLevel = 50.0 - level of stop-loss (in points)
  • Signal_TakeLevel = 50.0 - Level of take-profit (in points)
  • Signal_Expiration = 4 - expiration of pending orders (in bars)
  • Signal_DeM_PeriodDeM = 8 - calculation period for the indicator DeMarker
  • Trailing_FixedPips_StopLevel = 30 - level of trailing stop-loss (in points)
  • Trailing_FixedPips_ProfitLevel = 50 - the level of the take-profit trail level (in points)
  • Money_FixLot_Percent = 10.0 - percentage
  • Money_FixLot_Lots = 1 - transaction amount

The parameters of the Expert Advisor are easily optimized, the parameters for optimization are highlighted in bold. I recommend optimizing the parameters every week for the previous week. The Expert Advisor can be used simultaneously on different trading instruments, only it is necessary to specify Expert_MagicNumber for each trading tool in the Expert Advisor parameters .

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