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FX Power free

FX Power is the first real-time currency strength meter with a real-time histogram.

It analyzes the momentum and strength of all major currencies to determine high probability currency combinations and trading opportunities.
FX Power free is a feature limited version of our unique currency strength masterpiece FX Power.

Key Features of FX Power

Analytical features

  • Real-time market strength of all major currencies
  • Identical calculation results at all brokers and charts
  • 100% reliable real-time calculations -> no repainting
  • Selectable time periods via dropdown list (FX Power exclusive)

Graphical features

  • Several instances within one chart possible (FX Power exclusive)
  • Movable FX Power display (via drag-and-drop)
  • Detailed Histogram of calculation results for all currencies
  • Suitable for high-resolution QHD, UHD, and 4K displays

General features

  • Automated terminal configuration
  • Optimized for tablet and touchscreen usage
  • Alerts via e-mail, message and mobile notifications (FX Power exclusive)
  • Accessible buffers for EA requests (FX Power exclusive)

How to trade with FX Power?

Run FX Power with different time periods to record the calculation results.
Use the FX Power histogram buttons to display the currency lines you need.
Compare short and long-term analysis to determine efficient combinations.

A. Trade "crossings" of currency histogram lines
  • BUY if EUR crosses USD upwards
  • SELL if EUR crosses USD downwards

B. Trade confirming patterns of different time periods

  • Run two FX Power instances, e.g. 1 hour and 8 hours
  • Buy EURUSD if EUR is stronger than/above USD at both periods
  • Sell EURUSD if EUR is weaker than/below USD at both periods

C. Trade the correlation of single currencies

  • BUY if EUR and CHF are stronger than / above USD
  • SELL if EUR and CHF are weaker than / below USD

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Jhs 2020.01.25 21:42 

The Free version do not let the possibilities be tested and you can only see the impulse for 2 days, it doesn't let you modify anything, I planned to buy it at the previous price but for rent every 6 months I am not interested.

Ehsan Mohammad Sharifi
Ehsan Mohammad Sharifi 2019.11.27 17:10 

Thanks. useful indicator.

Rajesh Rj
Rajesh Rj 2019.11.05 04:41 

I download this free version, and used in my real account. to be precise, it gives clear entry for buy and sell. I will buy the paid version ASAP. But excellent indicator

Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora 2019.03.12 23:49 

good indicator

AirOne1 2018.10.11 02:04 


Version 3.68 2020.02.21
Changed copyright
Version 3.67 2020.02.21
Modified additional information and best practice link
Version 3.66 2020.01.09
Update for MT4 build 1220

Please update your copy to benefit from the latest product improvements.