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Hit n Run


Safe, consistent and reliable Expert Advisor that scalps the market risking only 15 pips maximum.

No Martingale, No Hedging, No Grid, No Arbitrage, No adding to positions.
Just one position at a time with stop loss, take profit and trailing stop.
It does not require complicated setup conditions, neither does it present unrealistic results.

The EA takes advantage of all market types and conditions, seeking to quickly profit from it and get out of it.
It works in all these situations: spikes (sudden fluctuations), news, range-market, trending-market, etc.

Hit n Run only risks 15 pips per trade while targeting the maximum posible reward of 1000 pips using trailing stops.
It has inbuilt money management that you can alter according to your risk appetite (default 3% equity risk).
You can choose the time of day you want the EA to work automatically.

It requires very small initial balance to start working efficiently (minimum $100).
Just try it and see how it works.


Let the EA run continously for few years to fully maximize your gains.
The EA is optimized for (default settings):
                 EURUSD, 1 Minute timeframe and.                  GBPUSD 4 Hour timeframe. 
Low spread broker (even if with commission) is highly recommended.

NB: If you want to use more pairs to increase your potential rewards, contact me for the settings.
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