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Easy TrailingStop

If you need to follow more than 1 open position , you would ike to use this simple TrailingStop EA.

Input 1

You have 4 options to set the TrailingStop ,

    1. Follow the positions of the graph's symbol.
    2. Follow a position that has a given ticket number.
    3. Follow the positions that has a given Magic number.
    4. Follow All the positions.

Input 2

Ticket Number ( if 2nd option is selected as input 1)

Input 3

Magic Number ( if 3rd option is selected as input 1)

Input 4

Trailing Stop amount in Pips  

It is totally free, no time, no lot, no parity etc. limitations.

Please report any bug issue or free development request (volkanyurci@gmail.com) upon your needs.

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