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Forecast Moving average and Emission MT4

The Forecast Moving average and Emission MT4 (FME) indicator calculates four lines.

  • Forecast is the price forecast with horizon 5.
  • Fast moving average - fast moving average with the averaging period FastPeriod. 
  • Slow moving average - slow moving averaging with the averaging period SlowPeriod
  • Emission - adaptive emission line. The idea of plotting this line was inspired by Sergey Pavlov's article "Drawing Indicator's Emissions in MQL5". The line is automatically rearranged depending on the changes in the Fast MA and Slow MA parameters. The emission line acts as the main trend line on the current time frame. We can say that the direction in which it is moving is the direction of the price movement on the current time frame.

The ArrowShow parameter is used for enabling/disabling the display of arrow objects which indicate the actual directions of indicator lines.

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