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Channel Trade System

The Channel Trade System indicator is an indicator designed to trade with channels. Only by this indicator can be done beautifully by itself. This indicator is composed of moving average and some algorithms.

Features and Suggestions
  • The display has 4 channels.
  • There is one main trend line.
  • The signal line is the thick channel with magenta color.
  • To trade, it is advisable to start with the channel line which is magenta color.
  • A channel calculation setting of 3 to 5 is recommended. the different settings are at your discretion.
  • If the current candle rises above the signal line, a sell operation is performed.
  • When the current candle goes below the signal line, the buy operation is performed.
  • Do not trade any of the news.
  • Use MACD (5,13,1) to make the signals stronger.
  • FOR EXAMPLE; If the graphic bar touches the signal channel or the signal is channeled. Wait for the return signal from the MACD indicator. In this way you will be trading on time.
  • signal entry: Magenta channel lines
  • TP1: Gray channel lines
  • TP2: Yellow main trend line
  • If you follow these rules, you can trade very easily.


  • MA_Periods - moving average period ayarı
  • MA_type - moving average type ayarı
  • Channel_Calculation - Channel calculation setting. suggestion setting 3, 4, 5

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