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Precious Metal Close sup Res MT4

Close points is very important objects in all of markets ,
when Trader or analysis   have   all time Close together , can decided quickly and correctly!
Usually precious Metals and signally Gold need setting of price format particular them self.

At this indicator, Close's price number sets depend on Time series. Deep on 2 priors candles in all time (for e.g.  2 prior candle of 1 minute or 5 minute) and compare is easy here!

 This indicator show all support and resistance calculate on different times at a glance!  , free of depend any exclusive charts  (Trends)  .
 Please keep in mind this indicator Designed on Chart event Calculated! And may be have little delay on live, if you want work on real markets!

When we   talk about support and resistance line   in fact talk about one of  very important objects on all market , base of this indicator is good looking to activity of support Resistance ,Close and logically relative between them ,

First of all I explain base of calculate support resistance:

After a candle close, we have several support and resistance depend on High, Low, close and open on calculate so!

In our indicator every candle have 5 line (Usually base is default up trend for sup & Res)

2 support (L4 & L3)

, 2 Resistance (H3, H4)

 And One Pivot 

every time have itself line ( H4 ,H3 , Pivot , L3 ,L4 ) and in many  indicator usually user can see just sup and res belong  itself  time ,

RTS advantage! Show you all time at a glance in any chart free of exclusively a time chart s!

When close a Candle is in Upper pivot and H3 line 

 Means this candle close in Side way up,   SWU = (trend is up but no strong and move is side way direction tendency up depend prior candle)

When close a Candle is in Upper H4,   STU (trend is strong up and move up till price and close upper H4 depend prior candle)

When close a time place in below pivot and L3 line,

This candle close in Side way Down   SWD = (trend is Down but no strong and move is side way direction tendency to down depend prior candle)

When close a time and Candle place Below L4   STD (trend is strong down till price and close below L4 depend prior candle)

When Close between L3 & H3 = (trend is Side way, move in direction depend prior candle)

In left upper corner chart all of this direction show with summarize word and separate colors.  

In Corner of Right Upper chart Set close of all-time Series in two Row (on close series versions) 


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