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Advisor trades inside the channel of the standard technical indicator Bollinger Bands. Advisor can work both in one and two sides simultaneously (option in the settings).

Closing of all positions on the trading instrument is made either by the total number of points, or when the profit is reached in percent of the balance.

Advisor is suitable for trading on relatively calm trading instruments.

You can see the principle of the adviser in a video.


  • Comment to Orders - Comments on opening orders;
  • Work in both directions? - Work in both directions or in one?
  • Risk - The percentage of risk for the lot of the first order;
  • If Risk=0, lot will be - If Risk = 0, the lot will be the same;
  • Step between orders - Step between orders;
  • Order Number - After what order on the account to increase the lot;
  • How much to multiply the next lot - How much to multiply the previous lot?
  • Take Profit - Take-Profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop-loss;
  • Closing on the percentage of profit - Closing orders on the percentage of profits;
  • Take Persent -Profit in percent for closing orders;
  • Closure of profit in points - Closing orders on the points of profit;
  • Take Points -Number of profit items for closing;
  • Signal candle for indicator - With what candle to take a signal for the indicator;
  • Averaging period - Indicator period Bands;
  • Standard deviations - The deviation of the Bands indicator;
  • Bands shift - Bands indicator shift;
  • Applied price - Used price of indicator Bands;
  • Slippage - Maximum level of slippage;
  • Magic - A magic number for distinguishing "your" warrants.

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