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Candlestick Signall

The Candlestick Signal indicator generates signals using a set of indicators and a set of candle patterns. It allows you to operate with these signals.


  • Works on any currency pairs.
  • It works in all periods. Sensitivity setting.
  • You can set the signal frequency. Use recommended standard settings.
  • ‌The greatest feature of this display is the possibility of manual martingale. 
  • The signal intensity region tends to go in the direction of the signal.
  • Works on all charts.
  • Any broker.

It is advisable to run on m15 and above charts.


  • Correction - This is the sensitivity section, the higher the number you write here, the less sensitivity you get, the more accurate and less the presentation comes. If you write 5 and more, lower quality signals come.
  • Color buy - The color of the buy signal and provides new color adjustment.
  • Color sell - It shows the color of the sell signal and provides new color adjustment.‌
  • Alert_on - Indicates whether the warning is on or off.
  • Send mail - Mail.
  • Send notification - It gives a warning in the normal way.
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