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Smart trend dector

Brief introduction:

We Offer Everyone and Introduce You - A completely new indicator tool, the algorithm of which, on the exchange markets, is demonstrated for the first time.

This indicator uses a graphical construction of high-quality diagrams and helps to visually, conveniently, and most importantly, to analyze market trends in a timely manner, while using historical and current data, on any time frames and financial instruments.

The algorithm for constructing synthesized candles is based on the union of all consecutive graphic candles, one direction, considering their bodies and shadows.

The indicator contains all the necessary "Colors" settings, similar to the "Properties" settings of the MT4 graphs, for easy and intuitive use. Also in the settings,there are parameters for applying all types of alerts.

To each of you, we wish to extract the maximum profit and will enjoy the work of our product!

Thank you all and good luck!


M15 timeframe for short term trade

H1/H4 timeframe for medium term and long term trade

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