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Gegatrade Advanced


Gegatrade Advanced EA is a state of the art Cost Averaging system

It is secured by a built-in “News WatchDog” that suspends trading during news events
the EA has lot of preset configuration files that can be downloaded from its Blog

For full description visit the Blog : https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/720582

Trading Strategy

The EA uses different strategy to each pre-set file which can all be downloaded from the Blog

Gegatrade Advanced is open for the user to define his own strategy based on his trading style

Have you ever wished to trade using your own personal formula, you can do that with Gegatrade Advanced

Trade with your own style,Scalping, Trend Follow, News Trading, Martingale, Hedge, Cost Averaging and a lot more can be achieved with Gegatrade Advanced

Download set files from the Blog

It is advised to use Low spread brokers with a starting balance of 3000


For full description visit the Blog : https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/720582

The EA has lot of parameters which are all described in details in the link above
As well a youtube video describing "how-to" step by step

In order for the "News WatchDog" Feature to function, you should check box Allow WebRequest
and add “http://news1.gegatrade.com” into your WebRequest URL list

To do so, Go to Tools/Option/Expert Advisor

Check the box “Allow WebRequest for listed URL:”

Add the following: http://news1.gegatrade.com‌  click ok

iccapital 2019.01.23 10:45 

5 Stars

Must follow Davids recommendations and you will be fine.

great ROI

Always replies and great support

Thanks David

hammiebal 2018.09.21 11:29 

This is great! It's Gegatrade Pro on steroids. Fully configurable. You can even trade Bolingerband, Stochastic and Moving Average.

I am very happy with this version.

So much settings you can adjust!

After 2 days of backtesting the setfiles (with tickdata suite) i bought the Advanced version.


update 5-1-2019

Got a few questions about GTA the last few days, i am not the owner :-)

I am still very happy with GTA, for now i am not trading between the last 2 weeks of december and the 2 first weeks of Januari because of the holidays (I never trade those days, my rule).

If you use smart moneymanagement gta can be very profitable.

I am working with the same setfiles David uses.

Ill proceed using GTA from the 14e of januari.