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The advisor determines the candle formations of the two timeframes (current and one timeframe below) and starts working towards the most likely price move. Main analyzable ligaments:

  1. Head-shoulders + flag;
  2. Head-shoulders + double top;
  3. Flag + tapering triangle;
  4. Absorption + hammer.

Each transaction has a Stop-loss and Take-Profit. Each transaction is independent. Hazardous methods of work are not used.

It is recommended to use currency pairs  for the default settings:

GBPUSD 15m и EURUSD 15m.

You must use a remote server (VPS).


  • Accuracy of strategy (0-100) - The degree of accuracy in determining the figures of technical analysis;
  • MaxRisk - The level of risk for calculating the trading lot;
  • if MaxRisk = 0, Lot will be - If MaxRisk is zero, the lot is the same;
  • Take Profit - Take-Profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop-loss;
  • Comment to order - Comment to orders;
  • Start Trailing Stop - Start a trailing stop;
  • Step Trailing Stop - Step of the trailing stop;
  • Time management - Inclusion of time management;
  • Start hour - The hour of commencement of trade;
  • Start Minute - Minute of commencement of trade;
  • End hour - The end of work hour;
  • End minute - Minute of the end of work;
  • Max Slippage - Maximum level of slippage;
  • Max Spread - Limitation of the maximum spread;
  • Magic Number - A magic number to distinguish "their" warrants from "strangers";
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