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Rocket EA

Rocket EA is not a mere chart analysis technique but the entire system for defining the possible future price movement direction. It is very easy to use, does not need any complicated settings, just add it to a chart and it will run like clockwork for you. 

Inside Bar is a bar having its body and wicks contained entirely within the range of the previous bar. The inside bar's High lies lower and Low is located higher than the mother bar's ones. Mother and inside bars form a pattern considered to be a potential entry signal. This is a two-sided pattern, since it may indicate either a reversal, or a trend continuation.

Inside bar rules:

- The Inside Bar pattern is significant on higher timeframes, like H4 or D1.

- The pattern can indicate either a trend reversal or a continuation.

- Apply additional graphical analysis tools for more precise entry, including trend lines, support/resistance levels, Fibo levels, other Price Action patterns, etc.

- Use pending orders to avoid premature or false market entries.

- Do not use inside bars repeatedly occurring in the flat market as market entry signals.

Suggestions for installation:

    • Open MT4 ECN Account
    • Currency Pairs: EURUSD, CADJPY, EURCHF, USDJPY.
    • Lost: 0.02-0.05 lot/100$
    • Time frame: D1
    • Setting: default

Good luck!

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