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The indicator is based on crosses of zeros, but their period is equated to the indicator ATR.

An alternative to the XOATRHIST indicator with the channel display on the chart. More informative. 

Closing a bar outside the channel forms an x or O.

The indicator turns on the Alert option.


  • ATRPeriod - period ATR for the calculation of steps.
  • OnBarsCalc - Enables the use of BarsCalc if true.
  • BarsCalc - the number of bars to be compared .
  • Shift - indicator shift.
  • XOalert - output of the signal to the terminal.
  • XOnotification - sending a signal to the mobile terminal.
  • XOmail -  send a signal to e-mail.

Note: The indicator works at closing prices, so it is desirable to take into account the formed bars.

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